Why Hire a Copywriter

Considering we can all sit at a keyboard and write, why hire a professional?  Here are the benefits:

ROI: Like so many things in business, it’s a matter of cost and return on investment. If you are a business owner or executive in need of written material, how much would it cost your organization for you to write it yourself? And what becomes of the work that is put aside while you are writing pages of text? A clear-cut example is a professional, such as a dentist or accountant. Every hour spent writing instead of doing his or her “real” job directly reduces the company’s revenues.

Professionalism: Just as your profession is based on its own set of rules and techniques, the same is true of copywriting. While we can all write, can we all communicate at the level of quality needed to produce copy that sells? A workable analogy would be public speaking: We can all talk but can we all speak effectively in public? Copywriting is so much more than just writing; it involves understanding your needs and business and honing in on the benefits and message that will create demand for your products or services.

A fresh look: It’s true nobody knows your job or business as well as you do. But there is a lot to be said for bringing in a fresh pair of eyes to take a new look at what your company is saying about its products and services and how.

Author: Andrea Kluge