Freelance Writing Services


Stanford University reports 75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on its website. How does your company’s website measure up? Whether you need a complete redesign or content upgrade, I can assist. If a new website design is needed, I work with a network of developers to provide you a¬†completely new and much improved site.

Company Newsletters and Magazines

A company magazine or newsletter reminds your customers you are still in business and offer products or services they need. I have written money-making company magazines and newsletters for various organizations. I have also had magazine articles published under my name and as a ghostwriter. A regular company magazine or newsletter keeps you in touch with your customer base, a vital element in customer marketing.

Case Studies

There are few more persuasive marketing tools than case studies. They not only highlight the benefits of your products and services in a story-like format, they give happy customers the chance to rave about your products. For case studies that hit home, professional interviewing skills are needed to elicit pertinent information from your customers and illustrate how your products or services saved the day.


Blogs should provide engaging, useful content for readers. They also add fresh content to your site which helps the site’s search engine rankings. I’ve had ghostwritten published blog posts which are not included in my portfolio. For samples, email me and I can send you the links.

White Papers

White papers are informational documents created by a company to promote its offerings. They are intended to provide proof that a particular offering performs as claimed. White papers are typically 2,500 words or more and presented in simpler design format than a brochure.

Brochures and Fliers

There are almost as many brochure and flier formats as there are companies. Regardless, I can provide you with copy for either which creates interest in your products and services.

Marketing Emails

Marketing emails require their own special technique to bring response rather than spam complaints. I work with marketing email professionals to provide a complete email marketing solution for your company.

And More

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