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“Andrea is AMAZING to work with! She’s insanely talented at her writing, GREAT at time management and meeting deadlines, and always enthusiastic about her work. She knows how to pair words together perfectly to really make a story come to life – even on more bland topics she knows how to make it exciting and put a special spin on it that makes it relevant and useful to our audiences. We’ve used her for several whitepapers and they have all been well-received and successful in helping us generate new leads and business while establishing our brand as a thought leader in the industry. As the Director of Communications at my company I have worked with many outside writers and must say that Andrea is hands-down the best to work with – she’s talented, thorough, timely, and well-informed. Thanks, Andrea, for all that you do!!”

Melissa Mickelson, Director of Communications


“We’ve worked with Andrea on a copywriting project for one of our dentists and she did an excellent job. Incredibly thorough, asked a lot of great questions, she clearly is very experienced in her craft and managed to deliver website copy the dentist was very pleased with. Looking forward to working with Andrea again on the next project! Thank you, Andrea, for all of your help and hard work!”

Nick Fotache, Founder

RevUp Dental

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrea on many projects. No matter what I throw at her (and I do throw some complicated stuff!) she is able to adapt to the situation and turn out a terrific product. I’ve used her for everything from book editing to postcard copy and consistently get a professional product.

“Yes, Andrea knows marketing. Yes, she is an excellent writer. However, probably the highest praise I can give her is that she cares. She really wants to do a good job and wants to do it right. As a marketing consultant and a writer myself, I’ve hired many, many people. I can say with confidence that Andrea is among the small handful of writers who are most committed to really discovering what I need and want and then going the extra mile to honestly deliver it.

“And, in a business where nuances are king—where details make or break success—this really matters.”


Uplift Marketing

“Andrea is a key resource for our dental marketing firm. She not only knows dental and delivers the quality content needed, she handles my clients smoothly. Not all writers have that skill.”

Shawn Kimmel, Co-Founder

Xpress Inc.

“I recently asked Andrea to write an article for CareCru. Due to her dental industry experience, she needed minimal direction and delivered the level of quality content we require. She was also a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!”

Dragana Milisic, Marketing Manager

CareCru, Inc.

“Andrea Kluge has ghostwritten published articles and blogs for Trade Press Services. She is a proficient writer and diligent researcher who gets the job done on time. I am happy to recommend her professional writing services.”

Gerri Knilans, Owner

Trade Press Services

“Andrea Kluge has helped me tremendously over the past three years and I have hired her for over a dozen projects. She has created excellent copy for my e-commerce website, LinkedIn profile, product manuals, educational PDFs, email marketing sequences and sales letters. Her expert knowledge in marketing and advertising allows her content to produce stellar results. She is trustworthy, detail-orientated and researches topics she writes about extensively prior to beginning a project. I’ve recommended her to a number of colleagues of mine and I will continue to use her services for my businesses.”

David Hernandez, Owner


“Andrea is a skilled copywriter and a very organized, conscientious and willing person to work with. She is a hard worker, not someone you have to prod to do a good job or to work. She takes initiative.

“Andrea strives to always do a great job and is never satisfied with mediocrity.”

Kevin Wilson, Chairman and CEO


“I’m pretty busy and the task of putting together a much needed brochure had become onerous at best. While I had roughed out the information, I needed research done that quoted recognizable sources to validate my information and support my approach. Andrea provided top of the line service both in speed and usefulness of information. She was able to understand what I was trying to get across and her intelligent and poignant contributions to the brochure turned it into what I consider a masterpiece. Thanks so much Andrea — I’d recommend you to anyone and everyone.”

Ron Norton, Executive Officer

Preferred Dental Education

“Andrea Kluge has performed market research and marketing actions, including copywriting, for my companies for many years. She is meticulous, thorough and truly cares about the results obtained through her work. Andrea is the consummate professional and I recommend her without reservation.”

Craig Jensen, Founder


“Andrea did an amazing job writing content for my company’s website. She was able to both understand and convey our goals and message! Her writing is on the mark and professional, an outstanding experience. I will be retaining her services again and again. Thanks Andrea!”

Arevik Gasparyan, Owner

Studio AM

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