Here is how I can help you:

Boost Leads and Sales: In addition to copywriting, my 30 years of experience includes supervising new product releases, writing and executing marketing campaigns and promotional calendars, market research including surveys and public opinion polls, and monitoring and analyzing statistics to determine the most effective and profitable promotional actions. I don’t just write to write, I write to sell.

Talk the Talk: I have marketed to and written copy for a range of audiences including businesses and consumers, dentists and other healthcare professionals, accounting firms, insurance agencies, IT staff and computer users. Through the years, I have personally talked one-on-one with thousands (no exaggeration) of potential and existing customers to find out what makes them tick and buy products or services. I can put myself in the customer’s shoes and talk directly to him or her.

One-Stop Shop: I have written countless promotional items through the years including websites, case studies, testimonials, magazine articles, brochures, product descriptions, fliers, emails, press releases, and on and on. You need it, I can write it.

Get What You Want: When I take on a copywriting job, I interview you to determine what youare trying to accomplish and propose how to most expediently accomplish that.

Get the Job On Time, Every Time: When I accept a job, I accept the deadline and I make the deadline—period. (If I can’t make the deadline, I don’t accept the job.)