Why Customer Newsletters Bring in the Bucks

ZZzzzzz. That’s the reaction I often get when I recommend customer newsletters to business owners, but only from those who don’t use them. The ones who do, know promoting to their customer base brings in the income. Here’s why: 1. Higher Open Rate An e-newsletter’s “open rate” is the percentage of recipients who actually open [...]

Case Studies: Why They’re Still a Powerful Sales Tool

Everybody loves a good story, right? What if you told sales prospects the true-life story of saving your customers’ bacon with your products or services? That’s what a case study does—it gives you some bragging rights, the chance to show how your offering solved a significant problem for a customer, all with “stats” to back [...]


Give More, Get More with Free Downloads

How to Generate More Leads with Free Downloads from Your Website A clever client of mine recently tagged “Give More, Get More” as the slogan for his new promotional products website; I thought it an apt choice for both his company and this article. The fact is, people like free stuff. Offering some good free stuff—such as [...]

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Three Mistakes to Avoid in Website Content

In 1991, there was one website on the Internet; today there are nearly a billion—that’s a heckuva lot of content. Per theNielsen Norman Group, users decide whether or not to exit a webpage within 10 seconds. If they do stay, they are likely to leave in the subsequent 20 seconds. Once they reach 30 seconds, [...]

10 Famous Advertising Quotes

Perhaps you’ve already seen these apt quotes which are scattered about the web.  Here are 10 that speak volumes and pertain to content. I’ve listed them in no particular order: “Consumers do not buy products. They buy product benefits.” —David Ogilvy   “If you can’t turn yourself into a consumer, you probably shouldn’t be in the [...]


Doing One’s Homework

Whether writing the Next Great American novel or a company newsletter, a writer must do his homework first.  For copywriting, it is paramount. When I write copy for a client, depending on the job, my objective might be to engage the reader or elicit a response or make a sale (or all three).  It is [...]


Why Hire Me

Here is how I can help you: Boost Leads and Sales: In addition to copywriting, my 30 years of experience includes supervising new product releases, writing and executing marketing campaigns and promotional calendars, market research including surveys and public opinion polls, and monitoring and analyzing statistics to determine the most effective and profitable promotional actions. I don’t just write to [...]


Why Hire a Copywriter

Considering we can all sit at a keyboard and write, why hire a professional?  Here are the benefits: ROI: Like so many things in business, it’s a matter of cost and return on investment. If you are a business owner or executive in need of written material, how much would it cost your organization for [...]

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